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Game Zones

Vietcong Village

As you lead your squad down the Ho Chi Minh trail, you come across a seemingly abandoned village nestled within the jungle. The villagers have fled their homes in fear and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, meaning you have no choice but to go straight through.

Command Post

Months of reconnaissance have paid off and the location of an enemy stronghold has been revealed, deep within the treacherous, seemingly deserted hills of Afghanistan. Some good men have died to bring you this information and it's only a matter of time before the insurgents relocate - there's no choice but to strike now. Your specialist unit has been ordered to carry out a ‘Halo-Insertion’ – infiltrate the enemy stronghold and take it out with plastic explosives.

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