We have hosted paintballing events at our paintball centres for many worldwide organisations – and for a great number of celebrities.

  • “Aussie Andy was brilliant, he really went above and beyond to make our day enjoyable!”
    Mr D.O. 08.07.2017 Slough
  • “It was a very good day. We would do it again and everyone really enjoyed it.”
    Mr C.B. 09.07.2017 (Southend-on-Sea)
  • The day was run really well from start to finish. Our marshal, Gabe was second to none and he is a credit to your team. It was an excellent experience.
    Mr R.H. 26.06.2017 (Newport)
  • “We had a great time. The Marshal, Andy, who looked after us was amazing, he really made it an enjoyable time and we had a good laugh. He was really good with his help with everything. We are definitely coming again.”
    Mr Z.M. 24.06.2017 Hounslow
  • “The staff were excellent and friendly. We will be back soon!”
    Mr I.M. 24.06.2017 (Reading)
  • “Right from the start of the booking right up to game day, the experience was great! My booking agent helped me book and let me know of my options. Thank you to my initial booking agent and those who helped thereafter. On the day right from the start, the staff at the centre were very accommodating, thanks to the marshals Owen and Ian and also the manager or supervisor. Thank you for a very enjoyable day.”
    Mr R.M. 29.05.2017 (London)
  • “The staff on the day were great, friendly and made us all feel very welcome. They were good with the young people and gave us clear instructions.”
    Ms S.H. 01.06.2017 (Liverpool)
  • “We’ve been to Maidenhead centre a few times and it is always a great day! The staff are all so friendly, helpful and very approachable. We will definitely be returning again soon.”
    Ms M.W. 01.06.2017 (Windsor)
  • “It was a great day, thank you. The kids loved it!”
    Ms R.T. 28.05.2017 (Salisbury)
  • “All the staff members at the Southampton paintball centre, were amazing! I cannot fault them in the slightest! Everyone we came across, went above and beyond expectations. They were very helpful, polite and knowledgable. Both game players and spectators were looked after 110%. We didn’t find one fault at all! We were all so amazed how well run the centre was. I recommended it to everyone we know, and cannot wait to come back. We visited for my husband’s birthday, and they made sure it was a very special, enjoyable day for him, his team mates, and his spectators! Keep up the good work guys and girls! Thank you for making us feel part of your family… you all do an amazing job!”
    Ms S.T. 21.05.2017 (Tidworth)
  • “Our assigned marshal “Conor” proved excellent. He explained everything fully and made sure everyone was catered for and had what they needed. Any questions were answered with knowledge. The day was really enjoyable and we lasted until the end. It was great!”
    Ms N.M. 13.05.2017 (Luton)
  • “I took my son with 11 friends and they all had a great day. I would most definitely go there again.”
    Mr. T.S 06/05/2017 (Enfield)
  • “It was a superb day and really well organised. The site was well managed, with friendly staff who went out of their way to help and ensure that the day was a success. I have previously been paintballing with “Skirmish” but this was much better, and will definitely be returning. Thank you!”
    Mr P.C. 29.04.2017 (Buckingham)
  • “The experience was amazing. It was my first time visiting and we enjoyed it immensely.”
    Mr S.P. 29.04.2017 (Erith)
  • “Chloe P was the children’s marshal today. She was great with the children, enthusiastic and fun. The children had a great time!”
    Ms K.T. 29.04.2017 (Thirsk)
  • “Well done to Dodzie, our marshal. He was very professional, he kept it fun and we all had a great day, thank you!”
    Mr J.H. 19.04.2017 (Southampton)
  • “The marshal on duty kindly gave us blankets and offer hot water bottles. The kids had a great day and we can’t wait to do it again!”
    Ms J.C. 15.04.2017 (Bath)
  • “Cian who was my son’s leader for the day is excellent.”
    Ms S.C. 11.04.2017 (Cheadle)
  • “This was our first time and it was my son’s birthday party. We used the 10-12 year old side and I can say from beginning to end it was a great experience. The staff were very efficient, courteous and helpful.”
    Mr J.G. 08.04.2017 (Hornchurch)
  • “It was a superb day, we booked the event to celebrate my son’s 12th birthday. Everything was excellent!”
    Ms. H.H 01/04/2017 (Leicester)
  • “Jamie and his staff were amazing. We were very well looked after and felt very welcomed.”
    Ms R.S. 18.03.2017 (Peterborough)
  • “It was an excellent day! The staff were exceptional, especially the cashier Helenka and the manager Paul.”
    Ms K.P. 18.03.2017 (Reading)
  • “Thank you for making may sons birthday special, both him and his friends had a fantastic time.”
    Mr. A.L 04/03/2017 (Bolton)
  • “Liam did a fantastic job looking after us while in the playing fields and everyone had a great day.”
    Ms K.D.11.03.2017 (Walton-on-Thames)
  • “My husband couldn’t praise the staff enough at the Wakefield centre for their commitment to making the boys gave a fantastic experience. The hot water bottles were so good, I nearly forgot to give it back! Well done!”
    Ms L.B. 05.03.2017 (Ilkley)
  • “The staff are very friendly, helpful and make you feel welcome. Thank you for a fun day!”
    Ms H.P. 04.03.2017 (Harrow)
  • “We had an amazing time! Harry and Sam the marshals were excellent and the day was incredible. We will definitely be coming back soon!”
    Mr J.L. 25.02.2017 (Tadcaster)
  • The centre manager, Jamie was excellent and very helpful. He made my son’s birthday party very special, thanks again! Our marshall for the day was Michael and the boys had good fun. Thanks again!”
    Mr S.P. 24.02.2017 (Watford)
  • “Our Marshal, Tom, was very friendly and helpful. He helped us to have a great experience!”
    Mr L.B. 25.02.2017 (Coventry)
  • The centre manager, Jamie was excellent and very helpful. He made my son’s birthday party very special, thanks again! Our marshall for the day was Michael and the boys had good fun. Thanks again!”
    Mr S.P. 24.02.2017 (Watford)
  • “Paul and Len were amazing. They helped us so much throughout the day, a real big up to them two guys who made the day so much more fun! It was a good team building exercise for my team.”
    Mr J.H. 20.02.2017 (Newcastle)
  • “The marshals are amazing, it was our third time at that centre and they recognised us. They were happy and socialised with us between the games and made the day one to remember!”
    Mr L.C. 18.02.2017 (Milton Keynes)
  • “We really enjoyed the event and the marshals were more than helpful”
    Ms H.S. 15.02.2017 (Stroud)
  • “The manager was excellent. He really welcomed the party and was very helpful. Thanks guys for a brilliant day.”
    Ms E.Q. 12.02.2017 (Nottingham)
  • “The IPG reseller James was a great help, he gave excellent service and he was a great individual to speak to. Thank you for your help.”
    Mr J.L. 04.02.2017 (London)
  • “It really was a fun day out and we would definitely recommend it to others. We are coming here again soon as the staff were great and service excellent!”
    Mr B.G. 28.01.2017 (London)
  • It was our first time going paintballing and we absoulutely loved it. There was a great atmosphere and the games were fun. I would like to thanks to Caz and Paul for the amazing time we had and making sure we were all safe and having a great time. See you in the summer.
    Ms A.G 14.01.2017 (Morpeth)
  • The staff made it a much better day despite the weather and they ensured the games were fun, safe and fair. They gave us some vouchers for our next visit, so we will definitely be visiting again in the summer!
    Mr B.J. 08.01.2017 (Dagenham)
  • “Our marshal Ryan G is an awesome guy, it was huge fun having him lead us and put up with our epic fails. I look forward to coming back and having Ryan as a marshal again, I would also like to give a big shout out to all the staff members that were there, making sure everyone had a great time. Thank you!”
    Mr. H.A 07/01/2017 (Surrey)
  • “The call centre was magnificent with prompt answers and friendliness. The people I got in contact with was Lizzie, Gwen and Patrick who were very helpful. The marshals were also great and very helpful, thank you to everyone that gave us a memorable experience. “
    Ms. D.K 30/12/2016 (Twinkenham)
  • “Our marshals Tash and Johnny were awesome, and I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to spend the day laughing and to blow off some steam! We all had a fantastic day, it was an epic experience. Thank you!
    Mr. M.G 26/12/2016 (Burgess Hill)
  • “Our marshals were particularly good in making sure all the little ones were happy and safe. I think their names are Elliot and Alex. “
    Mr P.C. 17.12.2016 (Chepstow)
  • “”We had a fantastic day. We will be back soon and maybe we can beat our best time on the mission. Thank you again.””
    Mr J.R. 16.12.2016 (Llanelli)
  • “Our marshals and marshal leader, Richard, Rob and Matt, were fantastic, friendly, helpful and always had a smile. They really added to the experience for my family. We all had a fantastic day and the staff we interacted with really made it better.”
    Mr S.S. 10.12.2016 (Oswestry)
  • “It was a fantastic day! We all loved it and we will be back in the next couple of weeks.”
    Mr P.H. 04.12.2016 (Manchester)
  • “Our marshal Amourette was pretty awesome with my autistic guest. She went out of her way to make her feel comfortable and safe to participate, the other marshals were pretty cool and understanding. Amourette was my star, she was superb and super patient with my friends daughter. She is a lovely girl please promote her. I would definitely come back again.”
    Ms. R.D 19.11.2016 (Surrey)
  • “The marshal Jake who did my sons mini-ball party was amazing and really good with the kids, they all had a great day with him. On my next booking, I would ask for him again, he was a great laugh and would be good as a children’s. Top day, cheers Jake!”
    Ms. K.F 26.11.206 (Coventry)
  • “We all had a great time at the Sheffield location. Sam our marshal was really helpful, we will definitely be coming back again soon.”
    Ms. S.C 25.10.2016 (Lincolnshire)
  • “My 14 year old son and his friends really enjoyed the day. The staff were excellent and professional, in particular the manager Robert. All the staff, from the shop to the marshalls, were excellent, well trained, polite and professional.”
    Ms H.B. 19.11.2016 (Preston)
  • “We all had a fantastic experience. The kids had a great day to remember. Many thanks Team Hemel!”
    Mr L.B. 19.11.2016 (St. Albans)
  • “We all had a brilliant day, thank you for your amazing hospitality.”
    Mr. J.W 12.11.2016 (Liverpool)
  • “The site manager was excellent and ensured the day went smoothly for our age group and budget and my son had a great birthday. It was perfect going on a quiet Monday as the 13 year old boys were only fighting themselves and they all had the same amount of ammunition which kept the game fair. This was essential for the paintballing party to work smoothly and successfully and for the boys to have a positive experience.”
    Ms L.M. 31.10.2016 (Rochester)
  • “A great big thank you from my team and I, we all thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Keep up the great work, your staff were absolutely amazing! We are 100%happy! “
    Mr. S.C 29.10.2016 (Manchester)
  • “A particular thanks to Matt , the manager and Vicky for all their input and assistance.”
    Mr I.H. 24.10.2016 (Ipswich)
  • “My son and his friends had an awesome day, they were still buzzing when they got home.”
    Ms. M.J 22.10.2016 (Walsall)
  • “It was an amazing day! Thank you to all the staff who helped me sort a party for 20 kids! ”
    Ms S.M. 22.10.2016 (London)
  • “The experience was great and we enjoyed our day!”
    Mr R.D. 15.10.2016 (Glasgow)
  • “Josh B was an outstanding marshal! I explained my condition to Josh and he was a was a kind, helpful and a fun team marshal without being condescending, which I didn’t expect, not many people understand. He instilled confidence with positive encouragement, some of the 16 year old girls needed it! We had one of the best days out for a long time and Josh was without doubt was the catalyst for that. All the staff had a lovely helpful manner everyone had a smile. The Manager is very lucky to have such excellent staff right down to the girls who at the end were cleaning the equipment. Thanks Josh B and to the team at Manchester!”
    Ms A.G. 16.10.2016 (Sowerby Bridge)
  • “Paul and his team were fantastic. Thank you for making our day the best it could be.”
    Mr F.M. 09.10.2016 (Reading)
  • “Our marshal, Aidan Bracher, was really good with our scouts and they said that he made it fun. The manager of the site was very good in that he kept the areas free from rubbish and took time to speak to me, while I was waiting and making sure everything was okay. As this was my first visit, I was very impressed and shall return with more scouts in the future. Please pass on our thanks to those for making it a good day!”
    Mr M.R. 01.10.2016 (Wotton-under-Edge)
  • “The games were well managed and good fun!”
    Mr J.M. 01.10.2016 (SO22 4JE)
  • “The team on the 1st October was very attentive, helpful, ready to listen and ensured at every opportunity that all our needs were catered for. Well done to the team!”
    Ms S.F. 01.10.2016 (London)
  • "“The Marshall, Alex, was brilliant especially with the two young players in our group. All the staff we encountered were very helpful, particularly Victoria in the shop area, thanks again for a great family day.”
    Ms D.C. 25.09.2016 (Normanton)
  • "“The boys had a thrilling time.”
    Mr S.M. 17.09.2016 (Cobham)
  • "“Len and his team of marshals were fantastic, friendly and made our team building event highly memorable for all involved. Thank you.”
    Mr F.M. 25.09.2016 (Newcastle)
  • "“The staff were exceptional, we will definitely be returning.”
    Ms. N.L 24.09.2016 (Surrey)
  • "“My son had a great 10th birthday party. Thank you very much!”
    Ms E.P. 18.09.2016 (Surbiton)
  • "“The staff were exceptional and made my son’s birthday party memorable and exciting. Nothing was too much trouble and we received first class service from parking our cars until leaving. The staff were outstanding and well done to them all.”
    Mr S.M. 17.09.2016 (Ayr)
  • "“Our day was absolutely amazing. A special thank you to Kirstin, Adam, Harry and Ollie. I cannot thank them enough for making my daughter’s birthday one to remember. Thank you!”
    Ms C.D. 10.09.2016 (Brecon)
  • "“I would like to say thank you again to Emily and James or Jason. They helped us a lot with the kids and helped make it a great day. My son and his friends loved the day. Thank you for your help guys!”
    Mr D.F. 10.09.2016 (Coventry)
  • "“Everything was very good.”
    Mr L.S. 07.09.2016 (Luton)
  • "“It was a great day and it was well set up and organised, thanks to Jake West the marshal. It was a top day and all the team were great. We will definitely visit again. Many thanks!”
    Mr A.G. 04.09.2016 (Loughborough)
  • "“My son and his friends really enjoyed their experience. The staff were brilliant; as a mum I was really nervous but I was made to feel at ease and my son and friends were very well looked after. I have recommended this to my friends and family.”
    Ms J.B. 31.08.2016 (Sheffield)
  • "“It was a great day and the whole party loved it! The Marshalls (Courtney, Ben and Tom) were great all day. They were clear, precise and very strict when it came to health and safety, while keeping everyone smiling and organised! It was a brilliant day all day and we can’t wait to do it again!”
    Mr M.J. 29.08.2016 (Birmingham)
  • "“The team at Upminster were beyond helpful. To put this into perspective, Matt attempted to source lactose free cheese for one of the participants who was lactose intolerant. This was without this being asked of him. The energy of marshals and willingness of them to work with those from HP in the set-up of training made for a first class experience. Those in attendance had a fantastic time. Thank you to James and the team for all your efforts.”
    Mr F.M. 21.08.2016 (Glasgow)
  • "”The kids had a fantastic time and we will definitely be visiting again. Thank you to Jake W. the marshal on today, who made the day amazing.”
    Ms R.M. 20.08.2016 (Leicester)
  • "“Emma and Chris were great marshals!”
    Mr R.S. 20.08.2016 (Rochdale)
  • "Connor, Luke, Matt and Tom were excellent marshals throughout the day. The whole day was brilliant and they ensured that safety was paramount, but still fun. Thank you for making my son’s 18th birthday a great day!
    Ms W.B. 17.08.2016 (Shillington)(Leigh-on-Sea)
  • "We had 2 great Marshalls, Ian and Aaron, who took great care of us throughout the day and made the experience even better. The manager, Matt, was brilliant and was super helpful and answered any queries we had. We will definitely be returning.
    Ms N.R. 20.08.2016 (Ilford)
  • "My 13 mates and I had a great time!
    Mr R.M. 14.08.2016 (Leigh-on-Sea)
  • "Lewis and Ben our Marshals were excellent! We had an awesome time and can’t wait to come again!
    Mr A.C. 13.08.2016 (Birmingham)
  • "It was a brilliant day of fun. They couldn’t of looked after my group of 15 any better. A massive thank you to all the staff!
    Ms G.B. 07.08.2016 (Dublin)
  • "It was an excellent day. Everyone in my group really enjoyed the day and we are all looking forward to returning.
    Ms N.M. 06.08.2016 (London)
  • "A big thanks to Findlay and Connor. We had great day. All the staff are fabulous.
    Ms L.L. 06.08.2016 (Kirkcaldy)
  • "Thank you so much to the staff at the Crawley centre. We had a party for my other half which had a mix of adult and children and all of them said how much they had a really good day. The lady at the kiosk was amazing with the kids and the staff constantly asked if we needed anything. The Marshall was amazing (Chris was his name) and both kids and adults said how nice he was and how they all wanted to come back. I would just like to say thank you to all the staff, especially Chris, for an amazing and unforgettable day. Thank you for a great day.
    Ms J.C. 07.08.2016 (Crawley)
  • "The manager and the other staff members were really helpful. We would love come again!.
    Ms S.M. 02.08.2016 (Edinburgh)
  • "It was great day. The marshals were brilliant. Many thanks to Martin and Alu! We will come back again.
    Mr P.M. 31.07.2016 (Banbury)
  • "It was a super day and it was made extra special by the quality of the staff. The 3 marshals we had were great and they gave all the kids that were there a great day.
    Mr A.R. 30.07.2016 (Southport)
  • "It was a good day out with my children. The staff were polite and pleasant. The centre was clean and well laid out.
    Ms A.J. 28.07.2016 (Tunbridge Wells)
  • "We would definitely go again. We went for a birthday and we really enjoyed it. A big thanks to Matt and Rob for making the day brilliant.
    Ms L.N. 24.07.2016 (Sutton-in-Ashfield)
  • "Our senior marshal was really nice and the guy doing the billets was helpful too.
    Ms C.B. 23.07.2016 (Bridgwater)
  • "The staff, Liam, Charlie and Jack were all super helpful and made the day very enjoyable!
    Mr T.E. 25.07.2016 (Maidstone)
  • "The booking was for a party of 5 young boys. They had an amazing day and the staff introduction was great. I felt safe leaving them under their supervision. We will be returning to delta force Manchester !
    Ms A.C. 23.07.2016 (Manchester)
  • "My daughter had a fabulous experience with 5 friends celebrating her 17th birthday at the Southampton centre. The staff were very welcome and the friendliness and support throughout the day were outstanding. I would strongly recommend this centre to anyone looking for a really great, fun day out. We will be visiting again as a family in a few weeks’ time. Thank you to everyone
    Ms L.R. 17.07.2016 (Christchurch)
  • "The staff were excellent and they went above and beyond, thanks!
    Ms K.G. 15.07.2016 (Crewe)
  • "All the kids had great fun and it was well organised. All the staff were friendly and helpful and we felt very safe in their hands. Thank you!
    Ms S.I. 12.07.2016 (Bromley)
  • "It was a fantastic day. A special mention goes to the centre manager and our marshals, Ashley and James, who were brilliant.
    Ms C.B. 10.07.2016 (Newbury)
  • "I took my son and 9 friends for his birthday for game of splat shotz and they all had a fantastic time. They all said it was the best day ever, even the girls enjoyed it. The guys who ran the business were very professional and patient, and every effort went to keep the kids safe. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of guys. We would like to say a massive thanks to Conor who was brilliant with the kids and reassured each and every one and gave them the confidence to do it. Conor is an asset to the company. We will definitely be back, including the adults. Thanks guys!
    Ms C.L. 09.07.2016 (Edinburgh)
  • "What a fantastic day! Our Marshalls, Fiona and Emma S, were just brilliant. They were fair, professional and handled quite a feisty group of children very well indeed. They absolutely made our experience the best that it could be. A huge thank you to Morgan, too, who helped my husband find his car keys that he had left in his overalls and thrown them into the big basket! Morgan found the keys so thanks to her too. It was a brilliant day, I would highly recommend!
    Mr C.P. 03.07.2016 (Bury)
  • "Johnny our marshal was brilliant and we had a great laugh with him.
    Mr L.H. 25.06.2016 (Birmingham)
  • "The service was great and it was a really fun day out!.
    Mr J.B. 25.06.2016 (London)
  • "Everything was awesome and we will happily go again.
    Mr P.B. 18.06.2016 (Bedfordshire)
  • "It was a fantastic day out and so worth the money!
    Mr J.M. 18.06.2016 (Dorset)
  • "We had a great team of guys, they were very enthusiastic and friendly to the children who attended a birthday party.
    Mr A.A. 19.06.2016 (Burton-on-Trent)
  • "The experience was great. The marshals were engaging and fun to interact with, the games were good and the game zones were nicely set up. I liked the ideas of using grenades too, that was pretty cool. I will definitely come again!
    Mr S.S. 09.06.2016 (London)
  • "The centre has a great team! Many thanks for a great day.
    Mr P.B. 03.06.2016 (Evesham)
  • "It was a great day and my son and I really enjoyed it.
    Ms E.R. 31.05.2016 (Lincolnshire)
  • "My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the day. All the marshals were helpful and friendly. Thank you!
    Ms. T.S 28.05.2016 (Huddersfield)
  • "My little boy loved this for his 10th birthday. We did the Mini ball event and our marshal, Fiona C, was great.
    Ms J.O. 21.05.2016 (Lancashire)
  • "The day was fabulous and Steph the marshal was really good! Top marks for Steph for giving us awesome stag and hen mash up. So please give her a massive thank you from us.
    Mr R.R. 21.05.2016 (Blackpool)
  • "Elvio was a very good and fair marshal and made the day fun and enjoyable.
    Mr D.K. 22.05.2016 (Feltham)
  • "Top marks for communication and super competent staff. My wife and I organised a 13th birthday party for my son and his 27 classmates and they had an amazing time. It was a fantastic day.;
    Mr O.O. 22.05.2016 (Essex)
  • "Matt and Kate were very good marshals. I would visit again and the experience is highly recommended.;
    Ms G.M. 14.05.2016 (Fareham)
  • "The boys had an excellent time and loved every second. We thought the marshals were very professional. Thank you.;
    Ms E.R. 08.05.2016 (Malpas)
  • "Beth was amazing made it real fun. The kids loved Ben too. It was a great day and the kids had a fabulous day. Thank you!;
    Ms A.L. 14.05.2016 (Leeds)
  • "It was an excellent all round day. Thank you."
    Ms J.S. 07.05.2016 (Hampshire)
  • "The Centre Manager was very considerate and all the other members of staff were very helpful. The family had a really good day out. Thank you."
    Mr Y.I. 07.05.2016 (London)
  • "Ian, one of the marshals, helped start the day and the day went from good to great! I had 20 kids for a birthday party and the management and the team of marshals were super. I would come back again."
    Mr A.I. 01.05.2016 (Manchester)
  • "All of my party had a fabulous time today and I want to thank Ryan and Jack W. who made the day very enjoyable."
    Mr T.W. 02.05.2016 (Hayes)
  • "Our birthday party of 10 had a very good time and all the staff on site were a credit to your company on the day we went."
    Ms T.M. 23.04.2016 (Horsham)
  • "Despite the rain, the team made sure my son and his friends had a brilliant experience. Thanks to everyone."
    Ms H.S. 12.04.2016 (Falkirk)
  • "We had a really good family day out. The kids loved it and want to come back. It was very well organised.."
    Mr L.A. 09.04.2016 (Lancashire)
  • "really enjoyed it; it was great fun. We will do it again for my son’s birthday."
    Ms M.N. 03.04.2016 (Oxfordshire)
  • "Pawel, Akhil and Harry on site and Megan that made the booking, are a credit to the company."
    Mr M.M 31.03.2016 (London)
  • "It was my son’s birthday party and was enjoyed by all who went. The staff took time to talk to you, as well as making our stay a fantastic experience. There was a young lad with black hair, sorry didn’t get his name, he was very knowledgeable about the game and your company and also our marshal Josh, who was a credit to your company , worked hard to ensure all players was in the game at all times. I look forward to be going back. If there is a list of all your sites this one must be at the top and I would not think of going anywhere else for paintball experience. "
    Mr B.M 26.03.2016 (South Yorkshire)
  • "The kids loved it and so did I. We had a good day, thanks."
    Mr D.B. 19.03.2016 (Essex)
  • "We would like to thank Dave and all his staff for a wonderful day. From arriving to leaving, the staff could not do enough to help. They were pleasant at all times. They have a fantastic team and the company should be proud to have such a workforce, they were all constantly working hard."
    Ms J.C. 19.03.2016 (West Yorkshire)
  • "The marshal, Ian, at the Kings Langley paintball centre was brilliant, very friendly and helpful. It made the experience great and we won! Thanks for the day; we had a great time!"
    Mr D.M. 19.03.2016 (Hertfordshire)
  • "Everything was very good and it was a great day out!"
    Ms H.B. 12.03.2016 (Merseyside)
  • "We went to the Tunbridge Wells centre to celebrate our son’s 11th birthday with about 12 of his friends. The boys had a fantastic time! My daughter, friend and I who didn’t take part in the paintballing all the time, were given hot water bottles to keep us warm, while waiting for the boys. Thank you to Mark, Dan and Tash for being so amazing! We’ll surely go back and recommend it to all our friends and families. James’ friends are now asking their parents for a paintballing party! Thanks again!."
    Ms S.B. 12.03.2016 (Kent)
  • "We had an amazing day out."
    Mr D.N. 05.03.2016 (Oxford)
  • "Everyone cannot wait for me to book another paintball day at Banbury centre, they are all planning strategies for the next game. The next time round there will definitely be more of us going. Thanks for a great day we can’t wait to go again."
    Ms. N.K 28.02.2016 (Northampton)
  • "It was a fabulous and dynamic day which all ages enjoyed thoroughly. The Health and Safety was superb, we had an excellent and exciting day that otherwise exceeded our expectations. Many thanks."
    Ms. J.M 27.02.2016 (Tunbridge Wells)
  • "Everybody had a fantastic day they said it was well organised and they can't wait to come again"
    Mr C.L. 20.02.2016 (Staffordshire)
  • "Great day had by everyone and the staff were very good and friendly."
    Mr J B 20.11.2014 (Dublin)
  • "I would just like to thank everyone at the centre for our day with IPG Paintball. Our marshals were fantastic and would definitely request to have them upon another visit. Will certainly recommend."
    Ms N C 01.05.2014 (Bradford)
  • "Thank you for making my sons 10th birthday party a memorable one. The staff at the Newcastle site were exceptional. Before we had even finished the day, my son was asking when we could come again. Thanks again."
    Mr K W 01.05.2014 (Newcastle)
  • "An excellent experience and absolutely lovely, friendly and helpful staff. The manager Jason is extremely efficient, kind and very caring. In our group I had a girl who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and himself and his staff were brilliant. Honestly could not have wished for a friendlier place. Thank you."
    Ms M B 01.05.2014 (Luton)
  • "What a fantastic day out, our family ranged from the 65 to 11 yrs old and we all had a wicked time. The thrill of shooting the enemy and getting their flag was exhilarating. The whole day was organised so well and by the end of the day you really felt like you had achieved something and had a brill time doing it!!! Many thanks."
    Ms P. H. 04.02.13 (L35)
  • "I was extremely pleased with my visit to the Edinburgh paintball centre! Every single person in my group went home with a very big smile on their face (bruises, mud and paint splatters too!) I cannot come close to explaining in words how delighted I am! Every marshal was a great laugh, yet professional… Aswell as the Manager, Sheila! The game zones, are great. The equipment is at a good standard, any issues we had whether it was with kit, guns or goggles.. The marshals were more than happy to resolve the issue and very quickly too! Booking is very simple, takes a matter of minutes. Call centre agents, are very professional, always happy to help. Impeccable customer service is provided from the phone calls to the call centres, right up to leaving the centre and even the aftercare. I will be looking to book in again for late summer hopefully! I would finally like to mention one marshal who made our day out, the best it could possibly be.. Mark! Thanks very to all the Staff at Amberwood centre and the call centre staff I have dealt with. Thank you."
    Mr A. H. 04.02.13 (KY12)
  • "A fabulous day out paintballing to celebrate my sons 11th birthday and my fiancés 50th birthday. We took along 19 people of varying ages and experience and every single one of us thoroughly enjoyed the day and will definitely return again. Many thanks for a great day"
    Diane, 14/10/2012, IPG paintball centre Wakefield
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the day at the IPG paintball centre in Birmingham and would love to go again!"
    Joanna, 13/10/2012, IPG paintball Solihull
  • "The party was a group of 10/11 year old boys – they had a ball at the Reading paintball centre. As the mum who was there to supervise I was HUGELY impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff – I have highly recommended you to everybody who has asked. Thankyou!"
    Mrs O'Gormon, 07/10/2012, IPG paintball Reading.
  • "We celebrated my daughters 15th Birthday @ the Bromley paintball centre with a party of 11 players they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves & were totally exhausted the staff / marshalls were fantastic and made sure all involved had fun"
    Lisa, 30/09/2012, IPG paintball Kent.
  • "Yesterday was so awesome, im so gunna do it again!!!"
    Pablo Javier Moreno Hurtado
  • "Thanks for the awesome paintball experience today. Had a wonderful time 🙂 All the Marshalls & Staff were really helpful and friendly."
    Kilika Kardashian
  • "The games were pure excellence, and we all went away with battle stories to tell our grandchildren!"
    Logica UK Ltd.
  • "I would not hesitate in recommending you to any other business wishing to build effective teamwork (and have fun!) within their organisation."
    Procter & Gamble.
  • "The staff were all very pleasant and we were made to feel welcome and involved from the first minute to the last."
    O.P.D. Recording Studios.
  • "Please pass on our thanks to all the marshals and staff."
    Pepsi-Cola International Europe Ltd.
  • "The organisation and all the safety standards were top rate."
  • "Your staff were very helpful and constantly on hand when I needed a little assistance!"
    Children Today Charitable Trust.